How to Make Money with Your Own Co-Op Advertising Program

Aside from advertising, the biggest expense involved in mail order business is postage. This means that virtually everyone involved in mail order is on the look-out for ways to save money getting their sales offers out to prospects. The answer is co-op mailings.

Here’s how a typical co-op mailing service works: A person with something to sell via mail sees an advertisement inviting him or her to send their circulars or brochures to co-op mailing service. The co-op mailing service receives these circulars or brochures and hires housewives or handicapped people to fold and stuff them into envelopes and then mails them. For this service, they charge anywhere from $10 to $100 per thousand–and it’s a good deal to the mailer.

Now, quite naturally the co-op mailer can do this and make any money unless he’s got a number of circulars or brochures from several customers in each envelope he sends out. And that’s precisely how he makes his money–by including 10 to 16 such circulars in each envelope. Look at it from a mathematical point of view; Say he charges 12 people $50 per thousand to fold and stuff their circulars in his own outgoing mail. Twelve times 50 dollars comes out to 600 dollars–he uses his own mailing lists, so there’s no big expense involved there–but he does have to pay for people to fold and stuff envelopes unless he’s got it organized where he and his family do this…The going rate of people to fold and stuff circulars is about $20 per thousand…And to bulk rate 1,000 envelopes is going to cost $110…Add to that about $12 1,000 envelopes and you’ve got a total overhead of $142…Subtract that amount from $600 he took in, and you have him realizing a profit of $458…Not bad for mailing…

The best thing of all about starting and operating a co-op mailing service is that you can include your own circulars or brochures with each envelope you send out. You stuff circulars or brochures from 12 different paying customers, and at the same time, include at least two of your own.

So how do you get started in such an easy and highly profitable business…

The simplest way is to have and advertising coupon– 3 1/2 by 6 inches–made up and include one with everything you mail out.

Another sure-fire method of pulling in orders is to turn a simple classified ad in as many of the national coverage mail order publications as you can afford. Such an ad look like this:

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