“7 Secrets to Explode your eBook Sales!” Part 2

Secret #2: Creating your Marketing Timeline for Success!

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Take Care of Yourself Before You Take Care of Your Customer

One of the most important questions people ask when they are focused on improving their quantity and quality of business is:

19 Questions to Supercharge Your Business Plan

Whether you are seeking capital for your company or are optimizing your business strategy, the most important element – particularly for outside investors – may be your written business plan. You can tune-up and supercharge your plan using this 19-step checklist. When your written plan firmly answers yes to each of these 19 questions, your market/product strategy is in terrific shape plus you increase the odds of attracting investment capital.

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“Planning” To Make A Decision?

The longer I’ve been around companies the more I believe the words “Planning”

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Gold from Goals

Goals are the cornerstone of any business venture and should be incorporated with your daily work routine. The reason for goals is to set a clear and defined path to your success and without them you are on a path to failure.

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