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How to Tie-In With News Events to Score Publicity

It’s safe to say that we live in interesting times.

Smart Ways To Rocket Launch Your Profits

If you really want to pull more profits from your business, you really need take some of the actions listed here.

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Write Attention Getting Advertisements

The most important aspect of any business is selling the product or service. Without sales, you aren’t generating any income and your business will die. All sales begin with advertisments. To build sales the ad must get the buyer to act. The ad writer must know what he or she wants the buyer to do.

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The Importance of Writing Good Web Site Sales Copy

Many small businesses fail because their owners don’t pay enough attention to sales copy. Especially on their Web sites. If you want to be a member of the 5% Club that receives plenty of ongoing, consistent income, check out these points.

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Get FREE Web Tips From Your Competition

I knew this one would get your attention. How can you, the savvy business entrepreneur, get FREE ANYTHING from your competition? The answer is simple: Google!Yes, there are many things that Google can solve. As listed above, they are providing their users with endless utilities to help you in your web search. So how can they help you with your site? Watch this: Go to Google (http://www.google.com) and type in the following, exactly as shown, using your business URL in place of the examplelink:www.yourwebsite.comThe results show you a listing of all sites that link to your site. While chances are your competition will not be listed, you can get an overview of the ‘type’ of websites that link to you. If there are a bunch of similar sites, that can help you with your marketing and target advertising in the future.Now here’s where the fun begins. Now that you know who links to you, check out the competition. Put in those guys down the street who provide the same service you do.link:www.theirwebsite.comWho’s linking to them? Are there some big names listed that you WISH were linking to you? You may find out that getting your name on that list is easier than you thought. Sometimes a simple email to the webmaster will get you added to the list. The more quality businesses that link to you, the higher your search engine results climb.Are there businesses that link to your competition that you didn’t know exist? Maybe you can get a cheaper rate on parts, or better service from a vendor on that list. The possibilities are there, investigate!Want another idea? Go to your competition’s website. Are they offering a service ONLINE that you only wish you could? Are they offering a custom login or other special feature that you don’t have? Maybe you should consider offering those items to your customers.

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Ramp Up Your Newsletter to Build a Strong Business

To survive in business, you’ve got to focus your attention on the areas that will guarantee you success. Your clients are your greatest asset. Taking the time to educate them and connect with them will pay big dividends over the long haul. There are lots of ways to spend your marketing dollars. But I’ve found that the number one most effective marketing tool around is a newsletter. This is the perfect time of year to fine tune – or develop – yours.

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The Art of Knowing When To Say When

The art of knowing when to say when – By DeAnna Spencer – Copyright 2004

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8 Ways to Use Local Publicity to Drive Your Business

While scoring anice story in BusinessWeek or USA Today is something tocelebrate, there are times when you need to grab attention a bitcloser to home.

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