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Marketing Tips- Who Are You Competing With?

Before you can market, you need to know who you are marketing to. Who is your customer? How will you market? Will you cold call, mail, set appointments or employ a walk in approach? Be careful with the walk in approach as many businesses do not permit soliciting. You might just want to drop off information and follow up with a telephone call.

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Prospecting for Your Nutrition Business: Icebreakers

Being able to bring up the topic of nutrition or the topic of home businesses during a conversation is an important part of prospecting. We develop a formal technique for cold calling but we want to be able to talk to friends, acquaintances, and certain strangers in a warm, easy, natural, and informal way. In some ways bringing up a business topic in informal situations is more difficult than it is in more formal settings.

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People Do Business with People They Like

People do business with people they know and like!

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Building Relationships

A conversation:

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Appointment Setting: An Introduction, Not a Lifetime Commitment!

Many of you are cold calling