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Blowing Your Own Horn

Opportunity Assistance Business Resource Center

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Website Basics

The Basics

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Before Publishing a Newsletter, Ask These Questions

In the current world of marketing

If You Do No Other Preparation

Far too often we see small businesses rush into doing things without planning and preparing. Unfortunately, marketing is a great case in point. Many small businesses set up shop and then hurry to get a brochure made up, develop a web site, and get out and start networking without much planning or preparation. And then they wonder why their results are so poor.

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Knock, knock. Who’s There? Your Target Market, Are You Listening?

Have you ever had a conversation with a person who wasn’t listening to anything you said?

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Eight Steps To A Great Marketing Plan

Step 1: Where Am I Now?

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Marketing on a Budget

A successful marketing plan doesn’t have to include an athletic superstar, prime-time placement, state-of-the-art computer graphics or a massive budget. Being resourceful and smart can be just as effective.

Business promotion doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Often, it’s the personal touch that seals the deal. Here are ideas gathered from marketing experts to help you make the most of a slim marketing budget:

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