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Businesses – Leisurely Dining Or Fast Food

It occurred to me the other day, that so many people today liken their businesses to the way they eat – fast. Think about it. All over the web we are inundated with… make $1000’s of dollars a day, make $10,000 a month, make a million by the end of the year. Everyone is looking for the magic formula or the magic bullet to get rich quick…fast. They want their business to succeed in the time it takes to get their hamburger or chicken sandwich. No wait, no delay of gratification. I want it now, and I want it without having to work at it. I want to sit back and rake in the dollars, my way.

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Antiques – What You Need to Know to Get Started

    Do you think that provenance is a region in France?
    Do you think that patina is an antipasto?
    Do you ever wonder what the difference is between original finish and original condition?

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Being Small Has Its Advantages

Those of us business owners who do it all, whether we are home based or a small business have it made. With today’s technology we can look as big as we want. With the web, faxes, video conferencing and all the burgeoning technology you don’t need to be a big business to succeed today. We can do a lot that our competition can’t or won’t do. So let’s take advantage of being small.Read More →

Editorial Calendars: A Key to Publicizing Your Business

What is the one thing that all of the best public relationsagencies do every year?

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Using Repackaging to ‘Go Big’ with your Online Biz

It’s actually quite common for online business owners to find themselves stuck. So let’s start with a bang and talk about one of the best ways I know to give your online business a real-world boost.

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Mail Order How-To’s

Listing names of Big Mail Requestors, and sending out packages of Big Mail is an easy way to get your start in the business of selling by mail.There are a number of mail order operators pulling in an easy, extra thousand dollars a month, by what you’d hardly call work – doing nothing more than receiving money for advertising a list of people’s names interested in receiving Big Mails, and sending out envelopes stuffed to overflowing with Big Mail.

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Are You A Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda?

The impetus for this article came from one of the 40 to 50 e-mails we get each week that go like this:

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Easy Steps to Improve Your Business – NOW!

One of the catalysts I use for topic ideas is Chase’s Calendar of Events (if you’re looking to find a publicity