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The 7 Principles of Business Integrity

If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t
have integrity, nothing else matters. — Alan K. Simpson

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Google Slavery…Old Habits Die Hard

For the first few months after Yahoo decided to go their own way
with natural search (and MSN decided to get serious about the
search business), the search results provided by those two could
only be described as bizarre. Enough time has now passed that
the dust has somewhat settled and there are three main (from a
traffic standpoint) sites for quality natural searches.

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The Positioning of Success

Many businesses of today are

Customer Service Tips for Mail Order Businesses

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How Your List Affects Postage Costs


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The Almighty Buck

The almighty buck can actually be detrimental to your business. Think about it, if all you think about is how much you can make, are you really focusing on the other aspects of running a business. For example quality control, safety of your product, etc. If money is your only motivating factor, what corners are you cutting to make the Almighty Buck.

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Taking Advantage of Trends: Grown-Up Tastes

Trendwatchers calls it “Mass Class.” Other sources refer to it as “high-touch.” Whatever you call it, the trend toward mass availability of high-quality, sophisticated and status-rich products and services is upon us, and businesses who wish to survive in the coming years would be wise to heed it’s call. The era of life lived on price-points is fading – people are no longer willing to accept “just barely good enough” items as long as they are the cheapest. They are holding out instead for offerings that reek of quality construction and customized personal attention – gourmet coffees and luxurious imported pastries are taking the place of a quick cup of cheap joe and a snack cake for breakfast, and 200+ thread count, design-embossed linens are the bare minimum, even in the guest room.

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How To Create Your Own Money Making Website

The only way to success in any online venture is to have a good product and a healthy amount of customers.

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