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Before Publishing a Newsletter, Ask These Questions

In the current world of marketing

Renting Your Mailing Lists to Others


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After The Mailing Is Done, What Happens Next?

If you’re doing any sort of marketing effort, whether it’s getting news coverage or sending a postcard, you must be prepared for what happens next. If you’re sending postcards promoting your business, and you have people working for you, tell them that you sent the card. There’s nothing worse than having your customers, postcards in hand, coming into your business and being greeted by an employee who says “Huh? What special promotion?” Fortunately, there’s any easy way to solve this problem. Here’s an idea from one of my postcard marketing workshop participants: Whenever she has a mustn’t-be-ignored announcement for her coffee house staff, she puts it in their pay envelopes. So, in a nutshell, chance favors the prepared marketer.

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How Do You Keep Your Business Name In Front Of Your Customer?

When was the last time you communicated with your customers?

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Mail Order How-To’s

Listing names of Big Mail Requestors, and sending out packages of Big Mail is an easy way to get your start in the business of selling by mail.There are a number of mail order operators pulling in an easy, extra thousand dollars a month, by what you’d hardly call work – doing nothing more than receiving money for advertising a list of people’s names interested in receiving Big Mails, and sending out envelopes stuffed to overflowing with Big Mail.

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