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Time and your Internet Business

How many hours per day should you devote to your internet business?

Why Your Business Needs an E-Mail Policy

Why is it imperative to have a company E-Mail Policy? It is
simply good business, that’s why! In addition, having a clear
and detailed e-mail policy in place, one that employees sign and
date before they are allowed access through your businesss’
computers, is critical to you being able to enforce or react to
situations that may arise at a later date.

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What’s on YOUR Subscriber Thank-You Page?

When I coach my clients on how to get more business from their e-zines, I’m delighted to see that they spend time on creating content that builds a relationship with their readers.

But I see many of these publishers overlooking the very beginning of their valuable relationship with their subscribers. For example, the “thank-you” page.

If I sign up for your e-zine at your site, where am I taken afterwards?

I hope it’s not a page that only says something vague like “form received” or even worse, nothing, leaving me wondering whether my signup was successful.

Create a thank-you page where new signups go to right after they complete the form. On this page, be sure to:

    Thank me for signing up!

    Example: “Thank you for subscribing to [E-zine Name Here]!”

    Let me know if I need to do anything else.

    For example, do I have to watch my e-mail inbox for a confirmation message? This is ESPECIALLY important if you use a double opt-in process that requires me to reply or click on a link in that e-mail in order to complete my sign-up. If you don’t point this out on the thank-you page, there’s a chance that I’ll assume the e-mail I receive is just a welcome letter and won’t open it.

    Make it feel personal.

    Include your photo and signature if you can. Being personal helps me feel like I know you, and remember this is important because I’m more likely to BUY from those I feel I know and trust.

    Ask for their ideas.

    This fast-forwards your relationship with your subscribers by already making them feel like you care. Something like this will do: “I’d love to hear what topics YOU would most like to see covered in upcoming issues of [E-zine Name Here].” Put your e-mail address right on the page and make it clickable.

    You can also insert an automatic subject line in the link such as “ezine_idea” by forming your link like this: mailto:yourname@yourwebsite.com?subject=ezine_idea. When someone clicks on that link, it will automatically create an e-mail addressed to you with the subject line “ezine_idea.” This will help you keep these requests organized on your end.

    Give me a special offer right then and there.

    Why not give them a discount on one of your products or services right there? For example, you could say, “I know you signed up for my e-zine to get great tips on [subject matter here]. Wouldn’t you like to get started right away? My [book, special report, teleseminar etc.] will walk you through the entire process, step by step. And if you act right now, I’ll give you a 10% discount. Cl1ck here to learn more.”

    Recommend someone ELSE’s e-zine.

    No, that wasn’t a typo. Find one or two other publishers whose target market matches yours but who aren’t direct competitors, and cross promote each other on your thank-you pages. This process is also called “co-registration.”

    The copy might read, “Don’t miss these other two e-zines that I read regularly and highly recommend!” Then follow with brief descriptions and sign-up instructions.

    Several publishers I know with very large lists share that this method has been one of their best ways to gain subscribers faster on a regular basis. And your new subscribers will be happy to consider whatever other resources you recommend.

Remember, You’re Laying the Foundation

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In Sickness And In Health

I recently drove by a business that had a sign out front that read “Closed due to illness”.

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